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Meet Our Staff

Learn About Our Passionate Massage Therapists

Our team at McIntyre Massage & Bodywork strives to create a relaxing environment where you can come to heal. When you choose us, you can be sure that we will do whatever we can to address your needs.

Brian McIntyre, MS, LMBT

Brian is a talented massage therapist who attended the Body Therapy Institute in 2009. He has also completed a continuing education program for medical massage and deep tissue massage.

Additionally, Brian obtained a master’s degree in community counseling from UNC Greensboro in 2003. This allows him to offer a unique approach to massage by using the knowledge that he has from his training in mental health.

Today, Brian continues to provide our clients with a hybrid of deep relaxations specifically targeted deep tissue, medical massage and psychosomatic therapy as a solution for their specific needs.

Mary Peterson-Riley

Mary has worked in the healthcare industry—specifically in the nutrition industry—for several years. She decided to expand her career by studying massage therapy in the Body Therapy Institute.

She specializes in Swedish massage, which utilizes a softer, flowing touch using a variety of techniques. Mary also provides massages using hot stones.

Today, Mary aims to work with the elderly population more often and address their physical problems through hydrotherapy. She also plans to become certified in therapeutic animal massage.

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