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In our continued quest to provide the best service at the lowest prices possible to the people of Roxboro, we have moved our offices yet again to the upstairs offices at our 20 Court St. location next to Toufie's Eatwell Cafe. Due to staffing changes, occasionally we will need to lock our front door to provide security for both our office and our client's information as we work with clients individually and in pairs. Mary Peterson-Riley and I thank all of our loyal supporters who have encouraged us on our bumpy road of starting a new wellness oriented business in a challenging economy and in a town where our type of service is a relative newcomer.

Mary has continued her education with advanced training in Swedish techniques including the very popular hot stone massage. I have completed training with Medical Massage and am currently working to develop my techniques related to psychosomatic therapy, or the treatment of mind, body and emotion as a whole. We are very excited about the new opportunities presented by this additional training and appreciate our client's encouragement and feedback about other options they would like to see in the near future.

We are continuing to work with local artists and have the largest art gallery in Roxboro, with works from college students to well established artists and plan to continue having several art and wellness events throughout the year to partner with physical and performing artists. Our yoga classes are beginning again and are taking place on Mondays at 9:30 under the tutelage of Diane Brann. Please call our office for more information.

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